Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life These Days...

How is life these days? Well rather uneventful unless you count the full schedule of classes and work and homework. It seems to set a pace of sorts! 
I SPY(campus recruiting event) went well. My sister Sarah and 2 cousins came for the weekend. It was about a month ago. Guests arrived on Thursday eve. and went to classes with us on Friday and spent the afternoon having fun. On Saturday most of the guests went home. My guests stuck around another day and my wonderful cousin helped get my car back up and running, it needed a new battery and had been sitting there for almost 3 weeks. God provided the means for a new battery and my cousin to help replace it. In the afternoon we all went to natural bridge and hiked up to the top and over to a lookout. It was a lovely afternoon. On the way home we had supper at DQ and then lounged in the Student Center for a little bit till curfew. 
3 days later I got to go up there for 5 days! It was a great break. I took a couple girls up from here and we helped my sister hold the fort down while my parents took the weekend away for some much needed R&R. They got home on Monday right before lunch and we lift right after lunch. It was great to have some time off campus. On Thursday (before we left) around 11:30am I went down to the Business Office for something quick and as I was leaving Mr. Paul was coming in. He said do you need some kittens to take to your mother? I told him no not really and he said well there are 3 of them at the end of the driveway in a box. So I ran ( literally) down the lane to get the dears, it was in the low forties and drizzling I thought at least I could warm them up and maybe find homes for them. When very much out of breath arrived at the end of the lane- I heard them whining and when I opened the box I got quite a surprise- Not 3 but 5 and not kittens- PUPPIES!!! =< I was irate, who could do such a thing? I was expecting kittens that were scrambling around in this box that would be all cute and cuddly and I could find home for them simply because they were so cute but what I found broke my heart- 5 one week old puppies almost frozen their eyes werent open and they had no teeth. The first little puppy I picked up was so could when I picked him up he didnt move he was stiff and I thought he was dead. As I put him down he whimpered a little. In the bottom of the box was a wet towel and the box was wet as well. I took my jacket off and picked them all up  and hurried up the hill to the  school. The staff wasnt to happy to see them there is a no animal on campus policy so I can understand. Students were calling home and asking if their mothers would be interested in taking a puppy. No they didnt want a puppy. One of the girls took one of them to Tennessee with her to give the people she was staying with. This was after Mrs. Marshall ( our financial aid lady) drove me to Jackson to see if the hardware/pet store would take them. The lady in there was almost in tears and wanted to help so badly. She wasnt allowed to take them and prayed for us right there. The remaining four went to Ohio my riders happily (kinda) obliged to feed them as I drove. We got a little lost as we crossed the Ohio river ( as is usual) and we stumbled upon a "no kill" animal adoption agency. They director didnt really want to take them but one of his volunteers took them. I was so glad to find a home for them! I have a reputation here now and I dont know if it is good or bad but I do know that people here will no longer inform me of poor animals dumped by the road anymore.=)
We are a week and a half away from Thanksgiving and something like 5 weeks away from the end of the semester. There is alot that will be happening between now and then. Right now my biggest problem is learning to trust. I know God will provide I know He will but I am getting better and better at getting myself all  stressed out about the little stuff. This is not something I am proud of by any means-  I am simply asking for your prayers as I continue to try to lean on HIM. School bills and gas to drive to Ohio on breaks or the funds to stay on campus if it doesnt suite to go up there- He knows where it will come from! 
I am hoping to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving. I will be up there from 11.23-11.28 Lord willing and then we are in the home stretch for finals. 
If any of you in Ohio know of anyone looking for help over our Christmas break from December the 17th to January the 11th or something like that I would be happy to know about it. If not that ok too! But please pray that Gods will would be done and that I can accept it!
May you all be blessed as we Journey Heavenward!

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  1. Oh Bethany! Love your heart! <3 I hope all your puppies are well and loved. The school children pray for you daily and I'll hang this post up on our prayer wall. They'll love to read your adventures! :) Didn't know if you knew it or not but my Grandpa John is not doing well. Also today we got some snow! In fact it is still snowing/raining. I don't think its going to stick around...Enjoyed your post and will be praying for you! Love you, Melanie