Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Happened to You Can Never Have to Much?

 If I go about filling my schedule with things that are trivial and tomorrow will not have an impact then of course I won' t have time for the things that will really make a difference in the outcome of my everyday.  When will I get it! Unlike that piece of pie that is definitely an option at the end of a yummy meal, God is more than an option! He is number one and deserves much more of my life than He gets! 

 These thoughts bombarded me while I was on the dish crew after lunch today. When I walked into the Dining Room at lunch time I was greeted by Noriko (a new freshman from Japan). She was so excited!! WE ARE HAVING ICE CREAM!!!- she exclaimed! We went through the line and got our food and when we got to the dessert table sure enough we were having vanilla ice cream on top of fresh homemade apple pie. As we were trying to pick our plate she couldn't find one small enough. One of the young men serving dessert said " You can never have to much pie!". Noriko found her piece of pie and we went and ate. 
  Later as I was gathering up trays from the counter I saw the "You can never have to much pie" man and noticed he hadn't been able to eat all his pie. I said- what happened to "you can never have to much pie?" His response was "It wasn't the problem of having to much pie it was the fact that I had to much of everything else. The wheels had started rolling in my head already when he came through the kitchen and said-"If I would have eaten my pie first I would have had room for it." 
  Lately I have been wondering how I can fit enough time in to feel like I am really filling my "cup". Trying to figure out how I can do all the things life demands and still have enough to have my quiet time and really see God in all HIS power. To really be able to feel all His power in my life. 
  In chapel the first day after Christmas Break Dr. Speas preached about this very thing. His message was titled -ORDERING YOUR PRIVATE WORLD-. He said sink holes are created by extreme droughts. He compared our lives to these sink holes. Our lives are like sink holes. They will cave  in the when there is not enough influence of the Creator- if we don't worship and wait for His voice our life is nothing but one big sink hole. The minute we get overwhelmed we will find that we are stuck in the sand!  When Mr. You Can Never said that if he had eaten his pie first it reminded me that I am guilty of saving the best for last and then wondering why I never get enough! DUH!!! The question is answered and I knew it all along but I was to busy filling my planner with things I probably won't remember next week. 
 Luke 10:38-42 talks about Mary and Martha. There was a vast difference in their personalities and priorities. The things of preparing for the meal for Jesus overtook Martha and she got frazzled and complained to Jesus that Mary should be helping her because why should she have to do it all alone and get so stressed out. Jesus informed her that she was troubled with many "things" and that her sister had the one thing that no one could take from her. That one needful thing was what Martha was lacking in the midst her busy hustle and bustle of serving.
 My prayer is that we will all be able to remember that good part, that one thing that is needful! 
 God bless you all! 

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