Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life has Changed!

 I don't even know where to begin! So much has happened since I left Washington that it would take days to record it all! It was sad to leave but Gods plan in my life is more important so I will try to accept it and move on.
 On the first day of my trip East I enjoyed the scenery and view many wonderful things. In the morning my parents house to let them know I was on my way. My sister answered and said they are on their way to Grandpa Strikes, Grandpa is having his second stroke for the day. (He has strokes quite frequently and they are always followed by a seizure that last longer than it seems they should. Many times they squad will come and take him to the hospital now they know what is going to happen so they make him comfortable at home unless it gets to bad then they will take him to the hospital if it gets to bad.) So in the evening I called to see how he was and mother answered this time. We talked about Grandpa for a little bit then she has been diagnosed with Lymes Disease and Lupus. She has been testing with a medical doctor for some time trying to get top the bottom of some health issues she has been having. She is now taking it a day at a time and reading up on these things and will soon begin treating them. It was good to hear the diagnosis finally but that is not what we wanted to hear. God knows best and Lord willing she can treat it and it will go away and get to feeling better but, it is a long grueling process.
 I stopped around 1 am to sleep a couple hours I was part of the way through Salt Lake City and I had thought I would try to get all the way through before I stopped for the night. My goal when I stopped was to be on the road by 6 or 7 in the morning. That was not what happened- I woke up at 8 am :( Oh well I got on my way by 9 and went to Subway for breakfast. I drove all day and had hoped to be in Quinter by bedtime. I ended up deciding to stop in Denver when I got on the east side and traveling the rest of the way in the morning. Well - I got to Denver around 11 pm and stopped at a motel that looked clean and well kept and went inside. I asked the man at the front desk how much a room with one bed was and he said it was $150.00 and he only have one left. I didn't want to pay that much and told him I was looking for something a little cheaper- he looked at me and said good luck. I thought he was just saying that because he wanted to sell his room. I thought nothing more of it until I had been searching for 2 hours all over Denver to find a room. I went posted on FB and a dear friend  started calling and after much searching found a room an hour or so east of Denver. I slept till 9 am and then went on m y way and got to Quinter around 3pm. I stayed  until Tues. then went to White Pines in Wis. I got there on Wed morning around 10 am. I left Quinter at 4 am and ended having to stop and sleepa couple times so I to get another motel room for Tues night. Between Quinter and Wisconsin I stopped at Dows Iowa and when I went in the gas station I was on the phone when I got to the car I laid it on top of some papers and a gust of wind came and blew them all on the ground. I picked up the papers and somehow missed my phone. So an hour later when I went to call my cousins and let them know where I was I couldn't find it! WOW!!! I was not impressed, but I turned around and went back and got my phone.
 I stayed in Wisconsin till Saturday. I enjoyed seeing Aunts, Uncles and cousins. On Saturday I went south to Indiana. Spent till Wednesday and then went to my parents. While I was there I put a little bit of food in the freezer and canned Cherry Pie filling and Tomato Juice and froze applesauce. One day I spent with my sister in law and her boys. Another day my mother took me shopping in Dayton area for my birthday (which was in June). I had a good trip and feel blessed to have been able to go that far safely. God is good!
  It is time for me to go I will post again soon about KMBC and all that has happened here so far.
May God bless you all!
P.S. Pictures later!

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