Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Changes Haven't Stopped

Wow! Another month has passed! It is incredible how time is flying! So much has happened in the last month that once again I have no clue where to begin!
We just got back from DQ! We were given a trip to DQ with extended curfew as an incentive to invite people to an event we will be having on campus in October. Lord willing at least one of my sisters and one of my cousins will be coming down for the weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing them. 
The weeks seem to be speedily escaping the calendar but I don't have a lot to show for.
Mondays I have the morning free. I help serve dinner at 11:20am. After lunch I have a class at 12:20. The afternoon is free. Usually the best time to do laundry and clean up my room. Supper is at 5:30pm then I help with dishes. At 7 we have campus study hours which means everyone is required to be studying till 9 pm. Curfew is at 9:30.
Tues am Chapel is at 9:20am then class till 11:30. After lunch I am free till 5pm which is P.E. Then supper at 6. Study hours from 7-9 curfew at 9:30.
Wednesday Class @ 7:55am! Chapel at 9:20 am. Class till 11:40 then class. 
Thursday is the same as Tues except no P.E. and Friday is like Wednesday. Chapel is Tues - Fri. I help with dishes on Mon,Wed,Thurs,Fri,&Sun. I also help clean guest rooms and will maybe start helping cook. On Thurs I help serve dress-up supper. Between working and school work and keeping my dorm cleaned, I have little time left over but now and then (when my car works which it doesn't right now) I will take some girls to town. We have some fun! Its nice to get out and get some fresh air!
I have been extremely grateful for the mail I have received. I greatly anticipate mail time!
On Sundays I have been attending a small church that is nearby. In the evening we all go to Mount Carmel. It is the high school version of KMBC. In the evenings sometimes we have an afterglow. 
Each class (freshman, sophomore...) has a sponsor. The sponsor is usually a couple that lives on campus and they will have their class up to their house for devotions and refreshments. Its a good fellowship and a good way to end the weekend. It is about 1 time a month.
I have tried to upload pictures with no success I will continue to try!
I hope to do better at posting more than once a month but around here we take life a day at a time or less so no promises!
Gods richest to you all!

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  1. Wow! Busy Lady! :) It sounds excited and busy. Are you enjoying your classes? I read your letter about your day of prayer at the abortion clinic. Bethany, your a great writer! We are praying with you. God is faithful. Love you Dear! <3 Melanie